This is NOT meant to be a fear mongering piece.  It is a pragmatic analysis which is merely meant to incite discussion.  The first section may appear trite to some.  But bear with me.  For those of us who are awake, this could be a good time to start preparing? I … Continue reading



  By now, I’m sure most of you have heard about the 5 holistic doctors who have recently died in questionable (at times murderous) ways.   If not, you can view the recent article below. Why does it seem being a holistic doctor in 2015 is an occupational hazard? The answer, my … Continue reading

This is One of Thee Greatest Documentaries EVER MADE


  Folks, It has been some time since something has impressed me as greatly as this new film by Francis Richard Conolly.  JFK to 911 (below) is absolutely INCREDIBLE.    I am utterly blown away by the scope, insight, and revelations this investigator has managed to harness. I am as stunned as … Continue reading

Facebook Bans Free Speech!


We all knew this was coming.  Nevertheless, it’s still shocking to see it slowly unfold before our eyes.   Soon this will start happening on the internet as a whole.  Our window for sharing Truth online is slowly closing on our necks. Those of you who follow me on Facebook or … Continue reading

The New Game Changer? Gray State is a MUST SEE


  This is an updated article regarding the Gray State situation.  First, I’ll provide a little background and quick recap of what has been happening.  If you’re already familiar with this story, scroll to the bottom to see the FULL DOCUMENTARY MOVIE.   Basically, the original Hollywood style film by David … Continue reading

This Is Why Truthers & Alt Media Are VITAL


This is an incredibly profound 5 min video. It really hits the nail on the HEAD. We must sift thru the bullshit, lies, disinfo, and propaganda. Pierce the Veil. Discover the golden nuggets of Truth… Then share.  We must awaken the sleepers.  We must reach a tipping point.  Without the internet, we … Continue reading

Writer of Controversial GRAY STATE “Suicided?”


Wife, daughter and writer of controversial FEMA camp movie ‘Gray State’ dead in ‘murder-suicide’ The lead writer of a controversial movie was found dead along with his wife and daughter in a Minnesota home Saturday afternoon. Officers went to the house Saturday after a neighbor called to report bodies inside. Three people … Continue reading

World Leaders Are Full Of Shit…


Italian artist Christina Guggeri has brilliantly created this series of photomontages showing todays prominent political and religious “leaders” performing their “Daily Duties (title of the show)” on their true “thrones.”        Bless her heart.   She depicts these vile, filthy, disgusting creatures in their natural habitats.  Doing what they do best. … Continue reading

Nanny State To Force Chemo On Teen…


A teen is told she has to receive chemotherapy by the nanny state!  INSANITY!             A patient at the Connecticut Children’s Hospital is being forcibly treated by the state.  Getty Images THIS GIRL SOUNDS WISE BEYOND HER YEARS.  YOU DON’T TREAT ILLNESS WITH MORE ILLNESS!!! … Continue reading

Terrorist Toddlers!!!???


I’d like to start of this post with this quote.  And add that this is INSANE & RIDICULOUS.   The article below is from the Telegraph. Nursery staff to be forced to report toddlers at risk of becoming terrorists Nursery school staff and registered childminders must report toddlers at risk … Continue reading