This is NOT meant to be a fear mongering piece.  It is a pragmatic analysis which is merely meant to incite discussion.  The first section may appear trite to some.  But bear with me.  For those of us who are awake, this could be a good time to start preparing?
I wouldn’t normally throw around phrases like “End Times.”  After Y2K, 2012, and countless false prophecies, I think we’ve all grown quite weary/wary of false alarms.

But for some reason, I’ve got an uneasy feeling about this one.  And I hope to hell I’m wrong.


This disturbing Justin Bieber video speaks VOLUMES…  Whether or not you agree that the “Illuminati” uses tools like Biebs to announce it’s agenda, (hint: They actually do –  it’s part of their occult ritual magick) you still may (should) scrunch your face at what you’re about to see.  Is this considered “normal” viewing for preteen children who idolize this douchebag?

Now, some of you may say… (Ahem, Adam) “But, the producers of this video put out this imagery to make it controversial so it goes viral. wehhh…”  Sorry.  That explanation doesn’t fly.  For one, does he even need help making his videos go viral?  No.

Then you might say… “Well, these images are made by his fans.  Sooo… Maybe they were just messing with him?”   Again.  No.  This video, like all his videos, was meticulously CRAFTED by a MASSIVE team.  He, in and of himself, is a BILLION dollar corporation.  Every minute detail of his career (ESPECIALLY his videos) is carefully combed over down to the strand of hair/pixel/frame.  Similar to how every image of Obama is carefully planned/scrutinized before it is released.
Like these images portraying him as an angel, or devil, or Shiva/God Of All Things/G.O.A.T. = (Satanic connotation)  Depending on the intended affect/agenda.  These are NOT ACCIDENTS!

obama_halo-2sacredheartObama--Devil's Horns or Angel's Wings




Moving on.  I ask, do you think the parents of the children who are Bieb’s fans would accept obvious Satanic imagery being promoted in one of his videos???  I don’t think so.  This could, and should cause outrage amongst those parents.  These images were absolutely poured over by the creators.  Who certainly sanctioned every last (of the 4000) frame.  I’d bet money the creators/directors/handlers of the video specifically made a majority of the images.  

May I implore logical thought for a second? I highly doubt the makers of this video created these images to “broaden his fan base.”  Or, “to get more eyes to watch the video.”  And even if that were the case (not), isn’t that in itself twisted!?

Note: There are additional videos from other “handled” artists along with recent events/ceremonies/locations which have come to light echoing similar “hints.”  But I won’t dive too deeply into that now.

Miley Kali









baby 557548_372233956176986_1494859575_n Madonna-Super-Bowl-Baphomet katy-perry-illuminati-princess-super-bowl-2015-new-world-order-nwo-pyramid-symbol-riding-monster symbol421 e08039771e21e6fb454b754fdab42571 maxresdefault DIA_devil beyonce-super-bowl--2-4-13-1 635503466085294082-satanists lead_large Bitch-Better-Have-My-Money-Rihanna-Onyx-Truth-620x400 Voldemort Rising -09b0b466332958f3 r0_12_594_449_w1200_h678_fmax masons 2014-grammys-satanic-rituals-katy-perry-illuminati-now-the-end-begins-beyonce-satanism


For a more in-depth breakdown please visit one of my favorite Truth sites on the net, Vigilant Citizen.


* * * * * * * * *

Next, I will address the main reason I made this article.  It’s called, the Shemitah…

Shemitah 7 year

Sun will be

new Jubilee chart8

I don’t have time to delve into the intricate details of how all of this is interrelated right now.  I’ll let the following video cover some of the main points.
What Jeff Berwick claims in this video really clicked for me.  He is either as spot on as his predictions have been in the past.  Or he’s an insider who is “showing us in plain sight”  what is coming down the pike.   When I watched this video a couple weeks ago it left me feeling more unsettled than a lot of other breakdowns I’ve seen regarding encroaching doom.  Something about it resonated with me.  I’ve been thinking about creating a post every day since but have simply been too busy.  So here I am at 9am (still haven’t slept) attempting to finish it before I go to bed.

Watch it.  Use your own judgement.  Acknowledge his message.  Believe it or discard it.  I’m only here to share it with you.   Again, I hope he’s wrong.  I have no idea if a major event will occur in September or not.  But what I do know beyond a shadow of doubt is that the U.S. economy WILL COLLAPSE.  If not sooner, than later.  FACT…  WWIII is also on the horizon.  The powers that be are certainly pushing this agenda.  If you haven’t noticed, I’m sorry, you’re blind.  (Reference: Protocols of the Elders of Zion and Albert Pike’s 3 World War agenda)  Then there is always the possibility of an EMP bomb, a massive “Natural Disaster/manmade via HAARP etc,” or a “staged” nuclear attack amongst other bleak scenarios. 


UNLESS>>> we reach a tipping point.   We must keep pushing for massive global (or at least American) awakening with the initial goals of ENDING the FED and stopping any impending military action.  If at all possible. 

Anyway, I don’t think many would deny there is a certain heaviness in the air lately. As if we are ramping up to a some big event.  In addition, between all these ridiculous recent false flags and the kick off the next presidential circus, there is certainly a bizarro quality to life on earth at the mo.   A dark comedy if you will.

Keep in mind, I am only scratching the surface with what I’ve included here.
Stay tuned for more posts regarding these concepts and other related Truths. We live in an unparalleled time in human history.  We stand at the precipice. 
I really believe our fate hangs in the balance.  I’ve been intensely studying the TRUE history of the world, who is running this planet, and the future End Game of the powers that be for over 10 years now.   The writing is in the sky. We have arrived at the midnight hour.  It’s time to set the balance right.  

And hey, if nothing happens, then woohoo!  Then again, like our boy says in the video, September could be the beginning of the end.  

It’s not about “living in fear.”  It’s about being informed… 

Lee Sayer





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