Question: Is Mankind Ready For The Pineal Warriors?

This video may very well overload the internet… 


Otto Von Shirach, rapper Blowfly, and other Miami artist have come together to create one of the most bizarre and amazing videos the internet has seen in some time.

Pineal Warriors will be sure to go viral this year and set a high bar for all that follows…


For more amazing info and videos, go here.


And here:

Volume IV in a series of experimental art films of people talking about consciousness. Voices arranged in no particular order. It’s not in the interests of big business, big government, big religion, big science, or your ego for you to hear this.

Volume I –
Volume II –
Volume III –

Production: AURORA-LAB
Title: MONOLOGUES ON CONSCIOUSNESS volume IV – experimental art film (2014)
Featuring: Manly P Hall, Joseph Campbell, Barbara Marciniak, P.D. Ouspensky, Mark Passio, David Lynch, Natasha Leggero, Mary Rodwell, Michael C. Ruppert, Bill Hicks, Santos Bonacci, Hal Lucius Nation, Helena Blavatsky, Bruce Lipton, Paul Tisdell, Timothy Leary, Josephine McCarthy, David Lean, Rak Razam, Paul Clark, Walter Cruttenden, Lenon Honor, Danny Wilton, Jiddu Krishnamurti, William Henry, Dan Dannett, Ervin Laszlo, David Icke, Peter Joseph, Ron Rege Jr., Shonagh Home, Terence McKenna, Neil Kramer, Daniell Pinchbeck, Paul Weston, Graham Handcock, and Max Igan


Pineal Warriors Cast:
Writer/Director: Otto von Schirach, Egon von Schirach
Cinematography: Jonathan David Kane
Executive Producer: Lucas Leyva
Producer: Jonathan David Kane
Associate Producer: Arly Montes, Leo Valencia
1st Assistant Director: David Modia
Supermeng: Otto von Schirach
Blowfly: Clarence Reid
Nayib: Nayib Estefan
Master Feathers: Armando Feathers
Laser triplets: Monica Lopez de Victoria, Liz Ferrer, Cuci Amador
Priestess: Maria Regla
Annunaki: Gio Profera, Chris Lorca, Michael John Hancock, Jaanelle Pichaco, Rat Bastard
Annunaki guard: Stian Roenning, Rey Rodriguez
Pepe Billete: Pepe Billete
Production Designer: David Tamargo
Stunt Coordinators: Eric Mainade, Luis Benitez
Wardrobe Designer: Jessica Bosch
Make-up Artists: Liz Ferrer, Keegan Hitchcock, Yasmin Morris
Gaffers: Chris Hill, Juan Camillo Barriga
Key Grip: Giancarlo Loffredo
Grip: Allen Grover
First Camera Assistant: Carlos Gonzalez
Production Assistants: Jaanelle Pichaco, Rocio Guevara
Music & Sound Effects: Otto von Schirach
Editing & Digital Effects: Egon von Schirach


All Love.

Lee Sayer

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