Communicating With Animals (MUST SEE)

Black Leopard

Folks.  We have been lied to our entire lives.  We have been conditioned to believe communicating with animals is impossible.  We’ve been told things like telepathy and remote viewing are nonsense.  We have been taught to think within the confines of a tiny little box.  The powers that be have completely and purposefully severed our connections to nature.  To ourselves.  To the cosmos.

There are certain things science simply cannot explain.  Not yet anyway.  But in order for us to progress, we MUST open our minds completely.  In this world of illusion, anything is possible.  That is the first rule.  There are no rules.

I’m not even going to write an article about the specifics of this phenomena.  I feel it may distract just jumping right in and watching this mind blowing documentary.  But I would like to say just a couple words.

This is where we come from.  This is our Truth.  And this is where we must return.  In order to set the balance right.  To reconnect with nature.  With our true way of being.  The way our native cultures had coexisted in harmony with the earth and animal kingdom for thousands of years.  Until the psychopaths began to incrementally take over.   With their insatiable greed and nefarious intent of global enslavement.

Their time is up.

This is the story of Anna Breytenbach.  She has dedicated her life to interspecies communication. By sending detailed messages to animals through pictures and thoughts, she receives messages of remarkable clarity back from the animals.  My gut feeling is that her work will eventually start a global interest in these innate concepts.  Thus reconnecting us with the true birth right of our spirits, and how they interact with all other spirits; and the quantum field. 



I will be surprised if anyone with a heart can watch this entire video and not have their eyes well up at some point or their hairs stand up on end.

I think many of us have experienced this to some degree with our own pets. 



Hallo Spirit.  We love you.

Lee Sayer

SPIRIT(1) SpiritblackLeopard









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