A Lightning Bolt Thru the Heart of Humanity


  “I don’t know where I’m going from here, but I promise it won’t be boring. – The truth of course is that there is no journey.  We are arriving and departing all at the same time.  As you get older, the questions come down to about two or three. … Continue reading

Communicating With Animals (MUST SEE)


Folks.  We have been lied to our entire lives.  We have been conditioned to believe communicating with animals is impossible.  We’ve been told things like telepathy and remote viewing are nonsense.  We have been taught to think within the confines of a tiny little box.  The powers that be have … Continue reading

Beware of Krampus!


He Sees You When You’re Sleeping, and Gives You Nightmares  In Bavaria, Krampus Catches the Naughty In Bavaria, Krampus Catches the Naughty- Video by Erik Olsen on Publish Date December 21, 2014.   A centuries-old Christmas tradition called the Krampus Run returns to Bavaria where monsters roam the streets in search of bad … Continue reading

Nick Cave gives me hope for Rock & Roll… and humanity


True story.  I once had drinks with Nick Cave (bare chested with sharkskin suit jacket), Jello Biafra (complete with white puffy sleeve, laced v-neck pirate shirt and knee high brown fringe medieval boots), and Henry Rollins (yolked in tight t-shirt). Note: Rollins had juice.  I was assigned the task of showing … Continue reading

Fed Gov Medical Cannabis Ban is OVER!


Congress quietly ends federal government’s ban on medical marijuana. Fiery-Cannabis-by-DSMeskalito Tucked deep inside the 1,603-page federal spending measure is a provision that effectively ends the federal government’s prohibition on medical marijuana and signals a major shift in drug policy. The bill’s passage over the weekend marks the first time Congress … Continue reading

BOMBSHELL. Israel in Control of Congress


Truthsayer must first preface this post with the announcement that this website is in NO WAY anti-semitic.  This isn’t about Israeli/Jewish people.  This is about the actions of the leaders of Israel and America. Ultimately, it’s about ZIONISM, and it’s role in maneuvering for global control.  IE: New World Order. … Continue reading

Heinous Religious Practice-Slaughter of 300,000 Animals


Folks.  This is one of the many problems with religious zealots.  Blindly following antiquated and outdated customs.  There is absolutely no need for this egregious insanity.  Lee Sayer About 2.5 million devotees have turned out for the festival, according to local government official Yogendra Prasad Dulal. More than 250,000 animals … Continue reading

Haunting Sounds From A New Stringed Instrument


Yaybahar by Görkem Şen Görkem Şen is a gifted Turkish musician who has created this elegant and unique acoustic instrument.  The membrane, coiled spring, and string working together like a cello with a built in reverb chamber. It’s a beautiful new take on a bridge system using the long string, spring, and resonant … Continue reading