Haunting Sounds From A New Stringed Instrument


Yaybahar by Görkem Şen

Görkem Şen is a gifted Turkish musician who has created this elegant and unique acoustic instrument.  The membrane, coiled spring, and string working together like a cello with a built in reverb chamber. It’s a beautiful new take on a bridge system using the long string, spring, and resonant body.  The instrument creates ethereal, otherworldly sounds.  Like ghosts roaming through the famed Goreme Fairy Chimneys.  (Or perhaps reminiscent of Jimmy Page’s famed bowed solo in Song Remains the Same)



Instrument: Yaybahar
Performence: Görkem Şen
Video: Levent Bozkurt
Video editting: Olgu Demir
Sound mix: Mert Aksuna
Place: Alişler Yurdu





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