This Happened During a Health Class Lesson on Sex…

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Parents in Jacksonville Florida were outraged upon seeing and hearing what their children were being taught in their 6th grade sexual education class. Photos snapped on a students cameraphone reveal the tasteless and over the top Common Core sex ed curriculum being shoved down the throats of American 11 and 12 year olds.

This is not the first time Common Core ‘sexual education’ in American schools has come under-fire from parents.  Earlier This year VICTORIA JACKSON exposed a book entitled ‘It’s Perfectly Normal’ which was being taught to children in the 4th grade.  Public outrage ensued when parents saw some of the images and lessons from the book which their 9 year old children where being exposed to.  Below are a few examples of what Common Core has public schools ‘teaching’ your 9 year old children.

4th grade curriculum teaching your 9 year old how to masturbate.



The Common Core curriculum has long been the topic of debate among parents in America.  Nationwide campaigns are underway to educate parents about what their children are being taught in schools.  It is not only sex ed that has parents up in arms.  Much attention has been brought to the archaic method in which common core teaches simple mathematics.

It is safe to say these images will infuriate a lot of parents and bring even more heat down onCommon Core.  Calls to the school where these disturbing photos were allegedly taken were not returned.

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