The New Global Peace Map Uses Technology to Connect People for Peace

Some people might argue that technology separates us from our true humanity. Not in this case.

Today, a new and inspiring example of technology being used to connect human beings, build community and promote social action was released to the public. It was just announced that the Global Peace Map, developed byUnify in collaboration with many other organizations and individuals, has been launched with goal of connecting people worldwide to events for the September 21st International Day of Peace and for the future.

The first ever interactive, crowd-sourced technological tool for peace allows users to visit their geographic location and timezone and then scroll through local community events being for peace which are divided into categories like Meditation, Music or March. The map empowers anyone, anywhere to create their own event and then share it with an international community of thousands of people, such as the 20,000 members of the International Day of Meditation Event on Facebook. Anyone can also embed the map by entering this code into their blog or website!

Code: <iframe width=”850px” height=”800px” scrolling=”no” id=”rails_iframe” src=””></iframe>

Organizers hope that the Global Peace Map will lead to greater community participation in events to promote peace, thereby calling attention to the movement and the need for human beings to rise up together, uniting across nations, religions and ethnicities to demand peace, social justice, and community action.

Users are encouraged to share the map as much as possible, and to upload their experiences at local events to social media using the hastag #PeaceDay. By collectively gathering together as a united human force for peace, we can have a profound impact on our world. And how beautiful is it that technology can help us facilitate this?! :)

Please stay tuned for more information on the Global Peace Map and the September 21st International Day of Peace. Blessings and Love! Pass it on!

Here are some of the many organizations involved in the creation of the Global Peace Map:
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